Discover the reason you're not losing weight & get a personalized plan that will work for your body & life.


I’m not pre-diabetic anymore & changed my health trajectory for life! 

Now my biggest concern is finding clothes that don’t come from a plus size store, because I’m officially a size 12 and still losing weight.

I was honestly concerned that it wouldn't work because I've tried so many different things, like personal trainers, health coaches and therapists. I even did liposuction twice – It didn't work.

This was 900 times better than anything else I've tried!

I was so surprised how easy it was. I expected it to be much harder, restrictive and more punitive because of the experiences I had in the past. But once we got to the underlying issues, I changed my emotional connection, reliance and old habits around food.

I lost weight and bought new fun clothes, since my old ones were literally falling off. I now feel more empowered than ever and confident with myself – even in public. Thank you Janice. This was totally worth it.

If you struggle with an unhealthy food relationship and tried so many different things, I 100% recommend this. It works.

– Crystal T.

I lost almost 30lbs & kept it off for over 2 years!

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight in a holistic, sensible way. It even cleared up my seasonal allergies.

– Melanie G.

One of the most rewarding experiences in my life!

I lost 39 lbs in 5 month and reached my goal weight. I have more energy than I could have imagined. I released weight every week and it wasn’t even like trying. Best of all I’m finally free from thinking about food all the time!

Before food was my way of dealing with everything, like stress, sadness, anger, boredom, happiness. I was in a vicious circle of watching my weight go up, continuously feeling depressed about it and then treated myself with more food. NOT ANYMORE.

I’m so proud of myself for breaking these old habits and thought patterns, and learning to process cravings so I can end them once and for all. I feel too good mentally and physically to ever go backwards!!!

High Vibe Weightloss was a fun and eye opening experience. I was able to personally grow in so many ways, to a place where
I am finally happy with myself and the life I’m creating. 

– Lisa S.

Working with Janice has been a game changer for me & my business. 

As a CEO and overachiever focused solely on building my business, I actually stopped eating because I was “too busy”, and started to have issues around energy, focus and movement from sitting in my chair for 16+ hours a day.

My relationship with food was either nonexistent, or toxic. I came to Janice with incredibly low energy, unhealthy and uncomfortable in my own body.

I reached out to her after realizing my health was on a horrible path.

I’ve gone to standard nutritionist before and received the “here is a list of foods to eat – report back in a month” treatment. This cookie-cutter style has not working for me. 

After just a few weeks with Janice, I’m kicking butt and taking names with all the energy I have. I feel so great about what I am putting into my body – and my business reflects it.

I am much more mindful now, and able to actually better focus on my business since putting on my own oxygen mask first. The best part of it is that it’s all coming to me naturally; it doesn’t feel forces, and it doesn’t feel difficult.

I recommend Janice to all entrepreneurs who are ready to take their health back into their hands so they can have more tie, energy and focus to keep building their business.

– Sonia N.

Are you ready to finally release the weight for good?

Hi, I'm Janice!
I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Life Coach and founder of High Vibe Weightloss.

I’m so excited that this is speaking to you.

The universe has an amazing way of sending us exactly what we need at the right time. We just have to be conscious enough to hear it, and brave enough to take action.

Being open to something new is your first step and you took it!!!

I am so honoured to do this incredible work with women like you, who are tired of struggling with food and their bodies…

Who are DONE wasting their energy worrying about what to eat, fighting to control their cravings, avoiding pictures and feeling crappy when getting dressed because they feel uncomfortable in their own skin…

AND who are DONE with diets, deprivation and the quick fix that only masks the real reasons we struggle in the first place.

High Vibe Weightloss is like nothing you’ve every tried before.

It’s a totally new approach to releasing the weight AND elevating your life by combining the most effective nutrition, mindset and manifestation strategies with premium coaching support.

It works because it work WITH your hormones, habits and energetic vibration to naturally align to your ideal physical and mental health, including your ideal size.

And it's so simple because it's tailored to your lifestyle and gives you the guidance and accountability you need follow through.

***You're 95% more likely to reach your goals if you have regular support and accountability, according to the latest research by ASTD.

Getting on a call with me is the best way to experience how transformational High Vibe Weightloss can be.

  • No more wasting time.
  • No more trying to figure it all out on your own.
  • No more wondering if you’re doing it right.
  • No more weightloss roller coaster.

It's you, me and the dedication to get you back into alignment mind.body.spirit so everything falls into place as it was meant to be.

If you’re serious about losing weight and ready to take action and invest in yourself, your health and your happiness, let’s jump on a call to plan out what YOU need to get real permanent results and see if we're a good fit to work together.

Don't spend another minute hiding.

You deserve to look, feel and be the greatest expression of yourself in your life.